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Round rocker:
- RL3-5 series SP
- RL3-4R series DPST
- RL3-5X series DPDT

Dust, water proof rocker:
- HY12-9 series
- HY60 series
- KND2 series
- HB series

Oval rocker:
- RL3-6 series SP
- YSR-34 series DP
- YSR-9B series DP

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Choose the switch based on panel cut-out size, current loading for the switch, color, marking, terminal options etc.
We can also cross other suppliers' switches, including Carling, SIBER, CW, E-switch, C&K, Cherry, Signal Lux, NKK, APEM, EATON, Molveno, OSLO.
HY12-9 water proof Rocker switch
HY12-9, IP55:
Panel cut-out:
0.866 x 1.18" (22.0 x 29.5mm)
20A/12A 250VAC
2HP/1.5HP 125VAC UL, cUL
22(14)A, 18(10)A 250V~ S,ENEC
... more details
Pushbutton switch GQ12
GQ12 , IP65
2A 36VDC
IP65 dust & water proof
over 200,000 life cycles
... more details
HY29 Toggle Switch
HY29 Toggle w/rubber boot:
Panel hole size:
0.472" Dia. (12.0mm)
20A 125VAC, 15A 277VAC
2HP, 1.5HP 125/277VAC UL
18(10)A 250V~ TUV
... more details
Pushbutton switch HY52
HY52, IP54:
Panel cut-out:
0.866 x 1.161" (22.0 x 29.5mm)
Internal sealing IP54
20A 125VAC, 12A 250VAC UL, cUL
10(8)A 250V~ S, ENEC
... more details
DLQ1 Circuit Breaker
DLQ1 Circuit Breaker:
Panel hole size: 0.500" (12.7mm)
Overload protection
Auto trip, manual reset
5 - 20A 125/250VAC UL, cUL
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HY60 water proof Rocker switch
HY60, IP54:
Panel cut-out:
0.550 x 1.126" (21.0 x 36.8mm)
20A/12A 250VAC
2HP/1.5HP 125VAC UL, cUL
22(14)A, 18(10)A 250V~ S, ENEC
... more details
KND2 water proof Rocker switch
KND2, IP55:
Panel cut-out:
0.862 x 1.181" (21.9 x 30.0mm)
20A 125VAC, 12A 250VAC UL
20A 36VDC UL
12(10)A 250V~ TUV
... more details
Pushbutton switch TW4
TW4, IP67
5A 125, 2A 36VDC
over 100,000 life cycles
... more details
Sealed metal pushbutton and housing, IP65 , IP67 on some models
2A 36VAC, over 50,000 loading cycles
Panel hole size:
Ø16mm GQ16 series: | Ø19mm GQ19 series: | Ø22mm GQ22 series:
Oval Rocker switch
RL2-P rocker:
Panel cut-out :
0.866 x 1.181" (22.0 x 30.0mm)
16A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC
3/4HP 125-250VAC UL, cUL
16(8)A 250V~ ENEC
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