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IP Rating:
The first digit is for the level of protection against penetration of solid objects into the housing. The second digit is for protection against penetration of liquids into the housing.

1st Digit Degree of Protection aginst solid object 2nd Digit Degree of Protection against liquid
0 No protection against contact or entry of solid objects 0 No protection
1 Protection against accidental contact by hand, but not deliberate contact. Protection against large objects ( over 50mm) 1 Protection against drops of condensed water. Condensed water falling on housing shall have no effect.
2 Protection against accidental contact by fingers. Protection against medium size foreign objects ( over 12mm) 2 Protection against drops of liquid. Drops of falling liquid shall have no effect when housing is tilted to 15 degrees from vertical.
3 Protection against contact by tools, wire etc. Protection against small size foreign objects ( over 2.5mm) 3 Protection against rain. No harmful effect from rain at angle less than 60 degrees from vertical.
4 Protection against contact by small tools and wires. Protection against small foreign objects ( over 1mm) 4 Protection against splashing from any direction.
5 Complete protection against contact live or moving parts. Protection against harmful deposits of dust 5 Protection against water jets from any direction.
6 Complete protection of live or moving parts. Protection against penetration of dust 6 Protection against conditions on ship's decks. Water from heavy seas will not enter.
7 Protection against immersion in water. Water will not enter under stated condtions of pressure and time.
8 Protection against indefinite immersion in water under a specified pressure.
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