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Panel cut-out:
0.508 x 0.726" (13 x 19mm)
0.866 x 1.18" (22 x 30mm)
0.433 x 1.18" (11 x 30mm)
0.547 x 1.126" (13.9 x 28.6mm)
0.476 x 1.071" (12.1 x 27.2mm)
0.268 x 0.764" (6.8 x 19mm)
0.756 x 0.866" (19 x 22mm)
0.550 x 1.126" (21 x 36.8mm)

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These standard size rocker switches have high electrical ratings. They are widely used in different applications, like appliances, office equipment, IT and telecommunication, lighting, power tools, toys and sports equipment, medical devices, monitoring and control instruments.
Some also have dust and water proof functions with or without PVC cap. Check out the details below.
HY12-9 water proof Rocker switch
HY12-9 water proof:
Panel cut-out:
0.866 x 1.18" (22.0 x 29.5mm)
20A/12A 250VAC
2HP/1.5HP 125VAC UL, cUL
22(14)A, 18(10)A 250V~ S,ENEC
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Rocker switch 22x30mm
RL2-3 rocker:
Panel cut-out:
0.866 x 1.18" (22.0 x 30.0mm)
16A 125VAC, 8A 250VAC UL, cUL
16(4)A 250V~ VDE
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KND2 water proof Rocker switch
KND2 water proof:
Panel cut-out:
0.862 x 1.181" (21.9 x 30.0mm)
20A 125VAC, 12A 250VAC UL
20A 36VDC UL
12(10)A 250V~ TUV
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Water proof Rocker switch
RL2-P water proof:
Panel cut-out :
0.866 x 1.181" (22.0 x 30.0mm)
16A 125VAC, 10A 250VAC
3/4HP 125-250VAC UL, cUL
16(8)A 250V~ ENEC
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KCD2 Rocker switch
KCD2 water resistant:
Panel cut-out :
0.866 x 1.185" (22.0 x 30.0mm)
16A 125VAC, UL, cUL
16(4)A 250V~ ENEC
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RL2-5  Rocker switch
RL2-5: Twin Rocker
Panel cut-out:
0.866 x 1.18" (22.0 x 30.0mm)
16A 125VAC, 8A 250VAC
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