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RL3-2 Rocker switch
The RL3-2 series rocker switch has high power rating with UL, cUL and European approvals. It snaps easily into the standard panel cut-out: 0.866 x 0.756" (22.0 x 19.2mm). The switch is DP with many functions, including On.Off, On.On, On.Off.On and momentary. PVC cap provides protection against dust and water. And it is fully compliant with RoHS.
RoHS compliant


16A 125VAC,10A 250VAC UL, cUL
1/3HP 125-250VAC 105°C UL, cUL
10(4)A 250V~ T125 1E4, ENEC
10A 125VAC UL, cUL
6(2)A 250V~ T125 1E4, ENEC

Electrical life: Over 10,000 cycles
Mechanical life: Over 50,000 cycles

Body: PA66
Actuator: PA66
Contact: Silver Alloy
Terminal: Silver plated copper

Download RL3-2 Spec sheet (pdf file)
Some frequently used Part Numbers:
RL3-2D1H2WBB4 DPST, ON OFF, 16A 125VAC, black body/actuator, white I O marking, 0.187" Q.C | Check Stock
RL3-2D1H2WGB41 DPST, ON OFF, 16A 125VAC, black body, green illuminated, white 0 - marking, 0.187" Q.C | Check Stock
RL3-2D3GBB4 DPDT, ON OFF ON, 10A 125VAC, black body/actuator, no marking, 0.187" Q.C | Check Stock

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