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YSR-9 Rocker switch
The YSR-9 series rocker switch has high rating with UL, cUL and VDE approvals. It snaps easily into the standard panel cut-out: 0.535 x 1.076" (13.6 x 27.6mm). The switch is DPST On.Off, and available in illumination red , green , amber and other colors. This switch is fully compliant with RoHS.

Single Pole is available in RL1-5 series

RoHS compliant
20A 125VAC,16A 250VAC UL, cUL
1/2HP 125VAC 105°C UL, cUL
16(6)A 250V~ VDE
10(4)A 250V~ VDE
Electrical life: Over 10,000 cycles
Mechanical life: Over 50,000 cycles

Body: Nylon 103HSL
Actuator: Nylon HSL,PC for illuminated len
Contact: Silver Alloy
Terminal: Silver plated brass

YSR-9 Spec sheet (pdf file)
Some frequently used Part Numbers:
YSR-921ABB DPST, ON OFF, 20A 125VAC, black body/actuator, no marking, 0.250" Q.C | Check Stock
YSR-921A2WBB DPST, ON OFF, 20A 125VAC, black body/actuator, white I O marking, 0.250" Q.C | Check Stock
YSR-921A2WRB1 DPDS, ON OFF, red illuminated , 20A 125VAC, white I O marking, 0.250" Q.C | Check Stock
YSR-921ABBG1 DPST, ON OFF, green LED effect len , 20A 125VAC, 0.250" Q.C | Check Stock

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