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Appliances, Restaurant Equipment :
- Coffee maker, vacuum cleaner, blender, range, hood fan, ventilation, desk lamp
Marine boat :
- control panel, wire harness
Machine Control :
- Emergency shut down, motor control
Medical equipment :
- dental, workstation, monitor
Vehicles :
- trucks, buses, after market parts, agricultural equipment
Power tools & equipment :
- portable hand tool, wood working machine, contruction machines
Telecom & Security :
- power supply, amplifier, intercom, radio

Fabricamos interruptores para muchas industrias, como electrodomésticos, cafeteras, aspiradoras, autos eléctricos de juguete, herramientas eléctricas, cocinas, ventiladores, equipos médicos, maquinaria, equipos de telecomunicaciones, equipos de jardinería, etc ..
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Select a switch based on current loading rating, function, size and the ergonomic design ~ - ~ - ~ - ~ Contact us for your custom design.

Rocker switches

Round Rocker switch Rocker switch
Water proof switch Rocker switch
Round rocker, SP & DP, up to 16A 125VAC
Oval rocker, up to 16A 125VAC
Full size rocker, 20A & 2HP 125VAC
Standard rocker , 16A 125VAC
Small rocker , up to 16A 125VAC
Miniature rocker , 10A 125VAC
Waterproof rocker , various sizes
Illuminated rocker , various sizes

Toggle switches
Toggle switches Toggle switches
Heavy duty , 20A & 2HP 125VAC
Power toggle Switch, HY29
Seadled toggle , 12A 125VAC
Miniature toggle , 5A 125VAC

Pushbutton switches
Pushbutton switches Pushbutton switches
Anti-vandal pushbutton, LED lighted
Round pushbutton , 16A 125VAC
Water proof pushbutton, up to IP65

Snap action switches
Snap Action switches Snap Action switches
Power snap action , 16A 125VAC
Miniature snap action , 10A 125VAC

Cam Rotary switches
Cam switches
- ZD-HD for industrial machinery, appliance, office and medical equipment

AC & DC Trigger switch for portable power tools, wood working machines

Circuit breakers
Circuit Breaker ST-001 Circuit Breaker & Switch
Overload protection
Circuit Breaker & Rocker Switch
SS-001 | ST-001

Heavy Duty Switches
Industrial control switches KJD17 switch
E-stop Switch, HY57
Power Cam Switch
Electro-magnetic Switch, KJD17
2HP Rocker switch, HY60

Slide switches
Slide switches
4 position slide , 16A 125VAC
3 positon slide , 16A 125VAC
2 position slide , 16A 125VAC

GFCI plug
GFCI plug
Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupter for kitchen appliances, outdoor equipment, power tools.

Tactile switches
Tactile switches
6x6 Through hole type
SMT type
12x12 tactile
Washable, right-angle type

We specialize in power control switches. Our factories are ISO9001 certified and have been manufacturing for decades. If you don't find what you need, please contact us; we are able to custom design for your application, like function, color, marking or terminal options.
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